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Eiken is an English proficiency test. It tests you in 4 categories; reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  It is broken into 7 levels.

  • Level 5  The basics (Junior high 1st year)

  • Level 4  Beginner (Junior High 2nd year)

  • Level 3 Conversational (Junior high 3rd year)

  • Level Pre 2 Advanced speaking (High School intermediate)

  • Level 2 Upper advanced (High School  Advanced)

  • Level Pre1 Native level (College)

  • Level 1 Native level (Graduate College)

英検テストに合格することは、当校の最終目標ではありません。 これは、生徒と保護者が子供の経験と英語の能力の程度を測定するための指標です。

Passing the Eiken test is not the final goal of our school. It is an indicator for the students and their parents to measure the child's experience and degree of competence in English.

英検 Eiken
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